ICOA Membership Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in the Indiana Campground Owners Association.

The ICOA members are owners and managers of privately-owned campgrounds and RV Parks in Indiana.  The members promote camping as a recreation, share ideas, lobby legislature, encourage education, and address issues that concern our lives as campground owners. We invite you to attend one of our quarterly meetings and see what we are all about. Meetings are held throughout the state and are informative and interactive. Come share your experience and gain knowledge from other Campground Owners. Meet fellow Campground owners in an informal environment. A Meeting Schedule for ICOA Campground Owners can be viewed below.

Camping is OUR BUSINESS.  As a member of ICOA you can learn from other members and share your experiences with them.  We address issues that concern OUR livelihoods and together lobby state lawmakers.  Power comes in numbers, and we invite you to join our ranks and help make a difference.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us; fill out the form below, or better yet, attend one of our meetings, learn more about current issues, and share your thoughts and concerns with other owners and managers in the Campground Industry. Join us!

Associate & Affiliate Inquiries

Join ICOA and help support an Industry that supports you. Retain a listing on our website as well as the annually printed Camp Indiana Campground Directory. Please contact us for membership information or to speak at one of our meetings.
Email: Info@CampIndiana.com for information.